Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm A Big Girl Now

We are officially, completly, day/night potty trained. YEAH!!!!! I found an awesome potty training method that a couple years ago I would have thought was completly impossible. A friend had a link on her blog that I thought I would check out. Potty train completly day/night in 3 days. I figured I didn't have much to lose, so I gave it a try. We started on Friday, Feb. 27 and was finished on Wednesday, March 4. It took us a few extra days because Becca doesn't like to drink alot. I went out and bought special juice boxes, soda, and anything else I could think that she might like to drink. I even bought chips and other salty food to get her to drink. Finally, after the 5th day it all clicked.
We are so proud of her that she trained so fast. The 3 day potty training is by far the easiest and less stressful way of doing things. Buying the e-book was the best $24.00 I've spent in a long time. Bye Bye diapers, hello big girl!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gretchen and Markers Mix Like Oil and Water

Gretchen was playing upstairs today with Becca, when I went to find Becca to see if she needed to go potty this is what I found. She had this same marker last night at bedtime and was decorating her bed, I thought I took it away. Think again Mom!
After she got in some serious trouble she got to learn how to wash walls. Unfortunatley for me she thought the wall washing was fun. Yes, Kathy it all came off.
She has been so naughty lately. I can't leave her unattended for a second and if she goes upstairs by herself I have to see what kind of mischief she has gotten herself into. She even has it figured out to blame it all on Becca and Becca will agree to whatever Gretchen has blamed on her. ARG!!!!! they learn way to early to pass the buck.
good mug shot don't ya think????

Fun with Family

Tony's brother and wife came to visit from Florida and we went up to SV and did the tourist thing. The kids loved watching the ducks and swans. We walked around the village and looked at the snow sculptures. Ed and Coralea were here for 3 days and the kids loved all the attention from their uncle and aunt. We played board games and ate way too much. Tony took them on a true "Idaho" adventure, fishing in the rain, snow, wind and sleet. Unfortunately they didn't get any pictures of the fishing adventure.
pond in front of the Sun Valley Lodge
ugly duckling????? i think not!

bear snow sculpture

climbing up on the big snow sleigh

Gretchen, Uncle Ed, Dani and Aunt Coralea

precious girl


Enjoy a little randomness in our lives. A day with Gretchen and Becca is never boring.
Becca was headed to the grocery store. What you see is all she has on.

Mama's little helper. Making sugar cookies for Dani's Valentine's party at school.

all tuckered out! it's amazing how kids can sleep ANYWHERE!!!

playing on the horses that Papa made for them. in reality they were probably headed to the grocery store of church.
front view
side/back view