Thursday, January 15, 2009

Out of The Mouths of My Babes

Since the beginning of the year Becca has become a little more independant. She has started going to Puggles(the youngest Awana group) at church. She is totally getting into praying especially at bedtime. She prays, the Dani prays and lastly Gretchen prays.

It touches my heart that kids at such a young age have a love of praying and their prayers are so honest and true. I'm always a bit surprised about what comes out of Gretchen's mouth and very careful about what we discuss around others.

Tonight Gretchen's prayer went like this. "Thank you Jesus for this day, thank you for the dolphins and Tiffany and Alex. Help Baby Kinley to get better and Baby Kayleigh. Help Mom to not go crazy. Amen." She totally clues in to how my day went.
Thanks Gretchen for praying for Mama.

Here I Come Tiffany and Alex!!!!!!

When our friends Tiffany Kimball and her fiance` were home for Christmas Gretchen decided she needed to go to Florida with them and swim with the dolphins. Tiffany told her that she needed to save her pennies and grow a little bit and then she could come. Gretchen has talked of nothing else since she was given the go-ahead. She even prays for the dolphins every night.
She definitely keeps us on our toes and she's just so stinkin' cute all you can do is smile.

sorry the video is sideways

Winter Fun!

The kids are having so much fun in the snow. This is right off the back deck and they have made a little slide off all the snow that has been thrown there.
The weather has been really warm lately which has been so nice but not so good for the snow.

I love this picture of Gretchen. Her hat is pushing her brows down and she can hardly keep her eyes open. As long as she stays warm, right?!

Man, I love this kid. She's about the most beautiful thing ever, don't ya think.
I'm not partial at all!


Christmas this(last) year was so awesome! It was one of the most "relaxing" Christmas's that we've had in a really long time. We started off by going to Idaho Falls to Tony's mom's and spent a couple days with her. We came home Christmas Eve and made it home just in time before the big storm hit. It started snowing Christmas Eve night about 6 and didn't stop until about 10 Christmas morning. When I went to bed there was about 8 in. on the deck.
I didn't go to bed 'til 4 Christmas morning. It is tradition that we have homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast and I volunteered to make dinner rolls for Christmas dinner at my moms. I decided that since I was in the baking mode I would just stir up a batch of the best sugar cookies in the world. To make a long story short, my cinnamon rolls raised faster than I thought they would and had dough all over the garage, my rolls didn't want to raise and I thought I was going to have to start over but they finally raised, and the sugar cookies make about 8 doz.
At 3:30 while I was waiting for the oven I heard noises from upstairs. Then I heard footsteps on the stairs. It was Than. He didn't know that I was still up and he came around the corner and about wet himself when I asked him what he was doing up. He told me, "My body said it was time to get up. " I told him the my body was telling him to go back to bed and not come back downstairs until 5:30. At 5:30 on the dot he came in and asked if it was okay to go back downstairs.
At 7 when Tony got up to see about the snow, I decided I'd get up too. When I came downstairs and looked out the window there was 22 in. on the deck. Yes, it snowed 14 in. in 3 hours. After 3 more hours of shoveling and snow blowing we had breakfast, then finally got started opening presents.
I didn't post any present pictures because you'd be here for the rest of time. No, the kids didn't get that many present, but when you have four kids you get a lot of pictures. I did post a couple videos of Than opening his main gift. It was priceless!

these two pictures are out our front door

Than was working on the deck and fell off and sunk.

yes, that is snow still falling. talk about some big flakes.

video 2 video 3
video 1