Saturday, May 31, 2008

Help, I'm addicted and I can't stop!

Okay, okay, I'll admit it. I am completly addicted to other people's blogs. As I was being nosy I ran across this bit of funny information that is sooooo true when it comes to women and men. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
( 1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.
(2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.
(3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes.Arguments that begin with 'nothing' usually end in 'fine'. And if used after, 'What do you want for your birthday?' or 'What do you want to do for our anniversary?' BE VERY AFRAID TO COMPLY!
(4) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It!
(5) Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is anon-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. Aloud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to # 3for the meaning of nothing.)

(6) That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.
(7) Thanks: A woman is thanking you, do not question,or Faint. Just say you're welcome. (I want to add in a clause here - This is true, unless she says 'Thanks a lot' - that is PURE sarcasm and she is not thanking you at all. DO NOT say 'you're welcome' ... that will bring on a 'whatever').
(8) Whatever: Is a women's way of saying up yours!
(9) Don't worry about it, I got it: Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking 'What's wrong?' For the woman's response refer to # 3.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend in Utah

The kids and I were so blessed to be able to go see Erin in Utah over Memorial Day weekend. We met at Thanksgiving Point and went to Farm Country. Farm Country is basically a domesticated zoo. We went on a wagon ride around the grounds and looked at all the cow, chickens, and horses.
On Sunday we went for a picnic out by Heber City. At first the weather was cold and windy, got a little rain, then it cleared up beautifully. The kids had a blast! It was so nice to get away and get a break. The kids didn't want much to do with me once they saw Aunt Erin (even Becca).
Monday we got to experience Jump On It. That was an experience. It was alot of fun, but forgot to take the camera in, sorry. It is most definitely something everyone should try. Fun for all ages. We had an awesome time. The ride home wasn't quite as enjoyable as the rest of the weekend. Becca was soooooo tired of being in her carseat. She was asleep before we hit the freeway and I thought I had it made. Stopped in Tremonten for gas and everyone woke up. Becca cried the rest of the way home, which was only 4 hrs.

Still not tipping the scales very much.

This little donkey kept sticking it's tongue out at us. Becca thougt it was pretty cool that the donkey could do that too.

I hope this is not a preview of what we're in for in the next few years.

My handsome little man. He would climb up on the fence and insist that I take his picture

The Three Pyro's. Cam and Danie were "smoke makers". Clancy was there supervising, I think.

Than in his own element. He loves recreating war scenes. He his a total history buff when it comes to any war, who was involved, who won, who was president at that time, and motst importantly what weapons were used.

Becca is such a happy baby. It is sooo rare that she doesn't have a smile on her face.
Cam and Bailey found a lizard on one of their outings and Becca fell in love. She was so fasinated with the poor little creature. I'm surprised that is survived her.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Kids just havig FUN!!!!!

The time has come. Becca has her first braid. Mama was so excited for this day to finally come!

Hanging out and having a little snack with Lance and Dylan Hyrand.

Gretchen being silly wearing a baby doll for a hat.

Gretchen was "Super Man" wearing a pair of Thomas the Train underwear and a purple bandana.

Becca and Gretchen were completly tuckered out after a long walk(ride).

Twinkle Twinkle Little Super Man

Trying to get Becca to say Auntie. We were leaving to go see Erin and her family in a couple of days.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

As you can see there have been a few minor changes to the site. I am just amazed every time I type out all of our names how blessed I am to have a full quiver. I am reminded of a quote from Kate Gosslin (from John and Kate plus 8) that goes something like this, " My life may be a crazy life, but it's our life", I feel this way quite often. Gretchen asks me on a regular basis, "Mom, you crazy today? Yes, Gretchen, I am going crazy.
Becca has discoved the power of her lungs when Daddy is sleeping. Screech when anyone gets by me or mom and mom will jump to make sure Daddy doesn't wake up. Thankfully spring is finally here and she loves being outside so we spend most of day outside. Becca also doesn't think it is neccesary to sleep during the day, except for maybe 1/2 hr. in a 14 hr. stretch. Help!!!
I have to keep reminding myself that this too shall pass. They are only little for such a short time and it's a good thing they are cute. Oh yea, Becca has only slept through the night the last couple of nights. Did I mention it's a good thing she's absolutly adorable.
That about sums it up for now.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Dani's Mother's Day program

Dani goes to pre-school at Woodside Elementary. Her class had a small Mother's Day program. They sang songs, had snack and we colored. It was so cute to watch the class, they weren't as excited to sing with all the mom's there as they usually are.

Jessica, Dani, and Coral. Two of Dani's best friends at school.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Than decided to try thetrack and field program this year. At the track meet he participated in the ball throw, 50 meter dash, and the 100 meter dash. He did so well! We are very proud of him!




Dani waiting for Than to come down the track.

Becca and Grammy